CCB Group Attendance

The attendance function allows for easy handling and communicating of group meeting information that takes place.  One of the main benefits of using the attendance feature in CCB is being able to quickly send out topic points, any notes, Praise and Prayer requests, and people information.

NOTE:  This feature is only available to Group Leaders and can also quickly be accessed using the CCB App on your phone.

Here is how it works:

  • CCB will send you (the Leader) up to four attendance reminder emails.  These emails start an hour before your meeting and then once per day after your meeting for three days or until the email is filled out.  The email gives you the option to either click “Did Not Meet” or “Record Attendance” if you met that week.

Attendance 1

  • If you clicked “Record Attendance”, you will come to the attendance entry page.  On this page, you can check the people that were present and also add visitors as well.  After completing this screen, click “Next” on the bottom right hand corner to continue.

Attendance 2

  • The next page allows you enter any information you would like about the categories of “topic”, “notes”, “Praise and Prayer” and “people info”.  When you are finished, make sure to click “Finish” in the lower right hand corner.

Attendance 3

  • That’s It!  An email will automatically be sent out to all group participants with the information you filled out.