CCB Group Member Log-In/Information

  • Use Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox options and go to . Click “Sign In” in the top right portion of the page.

CCB Log In

  • You will now be on the log-in page for CCB.  Enter your username and password.  Click on “forgot username or password?” if you don’t know your information.  Click “Sign Up” if you have never registered on CCB.

Log in Screen

  • You are now logged in to CCB.  From here, you can find your group listed on the right hand side of your screen OR you can click on the “group” icon on left side of screen to search for your group .  Also, feel free to update your profile if desired.

Group Screen 3+

Group Screen 2

  • Once you have clicked on your group, you will then be on your group’s page and can see all that is available for staying connected.  The “info” tab gives the general group information.  The “messages” tab allows you to see any messages that the group leader sends out to the group.  The “calendar” tab shows meeting/event dates for your group.  The “needs” tab allows members to see if there are any special needs requested.  Lastly, the “participants” area shows a complete list of who is in your group and allows an easy option to find their contact information for quick communication.  The screen below has red arrows that point out the mentioned tabs.

Group Page

That’s all!  Go explore CCB and enjoy your group time!