CCB People Matching Tutorial

After the initial Small Group request form has been completed and received approval, your group registration form is created by Josie.  During the sign-up period, people are able to join your group by filling out your group registration form in CCB.

IMPORTANT:  The person that registered for your group will automatically get a CCB email response informing they successfully “registered” for your group, BUT you must MATCH them in CCB before they are officially placed in your group.  “Matching” allows you to match the person that signed up for your group with their appropriate profile in CCB.  This step is important, in order to make sure the right people are in your group and for communication purposes.

NOTE:  Most times, Josie will “match” people that sign up for your group.  However, you can do this yourself as well.  It’s a good idea to check periodically before your group starts to make sure everyone that has signed up is matched correctly.  If you need additional information, please contact Josie at 816-734-8100 ext. 2711.

Here’s how the matching process works:

  • During sign-up time, the Group Leader will receive  a CCB email when a registration form for their group is filled out (see first pic below).  The Leader will need to click on the “view responses” (green box).  OR, the Leader can also log into CCB anytime and check for any members that need to be matched (follow pics under “or” to see this method).

Matching Form Response

**** OR ****

Forms 1

Forms 2

Forms 4

  • You will be able to see all the sign-ups for your group.  You can click “unmatched” at the top of the screen, which will show all people that need to be matched to a profile in order to be placed in your group.  If you have an “unmatched” person, click “match person”, which is located in the bottom right hand area by their name.

Match Form Click Here

  • You will now see the “match form response” box for matching.  CCB will automatically populate names to the exact or close to the spelling of the person that signed up, which may include email and phone number (if available).  If you don’t see a match, TYPE in the first few letters of the first and last name.  If you find the match from the list of CCB probable matches or from the name you typed in, great!  Click the name and then hit “save” at the bottom.  The person is officially in your group!

match form response 1

  • If the person doesn’t exist in CCB (you can’t find a match), this means the person may not attend Vineyard or has never registered for a group before.  If this is the case, click the “create new person” option.

create new person

  • CCB will then automatically pull the “new” person’s information from what they entered on the form and fill the profile fields.  Verify the information is correct and click “create person”.  The person is now officially in your group.

create new person 2

*TIP:  After you see a person is officially in your group, it’s a good idea to have an “information” email created and saved to send out to each new group member.  It’s suggested this email explains any materials needed for the group, first meeting date/time, and anything else you may feel appropriate.