Communicating with your group

  • The “message” tab is the area that allows for easiest communication with your entire group when information needs to be communicated. IMPORTANT:  Do not use a “mail merge” to communicate with your group. These are primarily used by our admins and pastors to send out ministry-wide communications. 
  • While in the “message” tab, click the “new message” icon on the upper right hand area on the screen.

CCB Messaging

  • A “send group message” box should now have popped up on your screen like below.  Make sure to choose who the message is going to from the drop down box (recommend choosing “all participants”).  Next, choose who group members can reply to.  Lastly, click the box under the “reply to” menu that says “pin this message to top of list”.  This will make sure the most current message sent out will be at the top of the message tab to see. Then, type your message out just like an email and click the “send” icon at bottom of screen.  All messages will be sent to group members’ email addresses individually AND can be viewed by all group members in their “message” tab.  It’s that easy!

CCB Message Options