Google Doc Quick Start Tutorial

(Feel free to play the audio file above while you’re reading below so we can walk you through the process.)

NOTE: You must, as the Host, have a Google (Gmail) account to create a Google Doc.  From there, you can share the link with your group members who can view and edit the doc. They don’t need to have a Google Account. Follow instructions  below to set up your shareable Google Doc:

1.  Make sure you’re logged into your Google account and follow this link.  Click on the “Go to Google Docs” box in the middle portion of your screen.




2.  Click the “Blank” document option to begin starting a new document.




3.  You will now be ready to complete your document set up as you wish to.  When you are finished and want to share the doc with group members, click on the “Share” box in the upper right portion of your screen.




4.  Make sure your document has a title and then click “Get Shareable Link”.




5.  *IMPORTANT* Make sure to change the drop down box under “Link Sharing” to say Anyone with the link “CAN EDIT”.  Then, use the “Copy Link” feature or highlight the link directly below the drop down menu, right click, and click copy.




6.  In your email, paste the link in the narrative and email this to your group members.  Your members can use that link at any time to access your group’s Google Doc and edit it.  Encourage them, once they go to the Google Doc to bookmark it in their web browser. You can do the same.

7.  Have fun!