Online Small Groups

We have the ability to have you host your small group online.  This option might appeal to those groups whose members:

  1. Travel for work
  2. Live in different locations
  3. Are stay-at-home moms who want to meet after they put their kids to bed

We are using the online video conferencing software, ooVoo, which allows up to 12 people to easily meet online from any of the following devices: Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Windows phone, or Android. It is free, because it is ad-driven, however we have tested it, and the ads aren’t obtrusive or inappropriate.

Get started by clicking on your platform below, downloading the software and setting up your ooVoo account. It only takes about 5-10 minutes!

Quick Start Links:

Each group member will need to download and install the ooVoo software and then share their ooVoo ID with you, the host, so you can invite them to your online group meeting.


Here are a few suggestions to help your online group time run smoothly:

  • As your group members download the software and create ooVoo ID’s, make sure they share them with you so you can easily initiate a group chat.
  • Make sure your group members have your ooVoo ID, in case they need to join the group chat late, or if they get dropped from the chat.
  • Encourage your group members to do the daily devotionals and watch the small group videos prior to your group chat. This will ensure your group chat time can be used for discussion and prayer.
  • Bonus: We’ve found that by creating a shared Google Doc, you and your group can share prayer requests, praise reports, and include additional info regarding discussion topics which will help members stay connected throughout the week. It also allows those who had to miss a meeting to stay connected. This is better than a flurry of emails going back and forth. The Google Doc instantly updates and anyone with the shared link can contribute. Click here to see the Google Doc Quick Start Tutorial.
  • Make sure you watch the HOST training videos on this page so you are equipped to HOST your group.


  • Here are Frequently Asked Questions about ooVoo (on the ooVoo website.)
  • Note: ooVoo is “ad-based” software.  Vineyard Church doesn’t promote or have any affiliation with any ads that may be observed.
  • If you need further assistance with setting up your online small group, you can email Jeremy Buske, small group pastoral intern, at