Primary Resources

  • Small Group Library (viewable Google spreadsheet)
    This is a list of all the studies we have in our small group library available for checkout. Please contact Josie Coleman at
  • Access to RightNowMedia
    RightNowMedia is the Netflix of online video-driven Bible studies. As a church we subscribe to this service and if you attend Vineyard Church, we will give you and your small group members access to it.


Making Your Small Group Work

In the video-based training below small group experts Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue, and John Townsend equip leaders and groups simultaneously and give you everything you need to start and sustain a life-changing group. These videos cover all of the basic topics you will need to lead a healthy and effective small group.

1. Intro
2. Session 1Getting connected–God’s purpose for small groups
3. Session 2: Five Habits of Life-changing Groups
4. Session 3: Setting Ground Rules
5. Session 4: Determining Your Group’s Purpose
6. Tip 1: Active Listening
7. Tip 2: Being Attentive
8. Tip 3: Telling Your Story (Without Going On and On)
9. Tip 4: Group Check-In #1
10. Tip 5: Asking Good Questions
11. Tip 6: Calling Out the Best in Others
12. Tip 7: Giving and Receiving Feedback
13. Tip 8: Helping and Supporting Each Other
14. Tip 9: Responding to Someone Who Is Hurting
15. Tip 10: Helping Others Take “Growth Risks”
16. Tip 11: Prayer
17. Tip 12: Group Check-In #2
18. Tip 13: Confessing Your Faults
19. Extended Tip 1: When Groups Get Messy Part 1 – Confrontation
20. Extended Tip 2: When Groups Get Messy Part 2 – Conflict Resolution
21. Extended Tip 3: Dealing With People In Crises

Downloadable Articles on Small Groups (pdf)

Discipleship Resources

Downloadable Articles on Small Group Coaching (pdf)